Biwako Restaurant ROKU


A 5-minute walk from Nagahama Station Delicious food and a wonderful space in Kurokabe Square

Biwako Restaurant ROKU

The appearance of a historic townhouse from the end of the Edo period makes you feel the good old days.
It is a wonderful space with a calm Japanese-modern atmosphere
and a special Japanese-style room on the second floor and special seats in the warehouse.
French techniques and hospitality that enhance the deliciousness of
seasonal ingredients from Shiga, which is rich in nature.
We hope that the conversation at ROKU will be full of smiles
and that everyone will have a blissful time. All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you.


Lunch menu

11:00-15:00 L.O.14:00(weekday)
11:00-16:00 L.O.15:00(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Fresh ingredients from the lake country and sophisticated chef skills.
We will create a fun lunchtime filled with smiles.

Pasta lunch

Appetizer, Bread, Pasta, Dessert, Drink

1,980yen(tax included)

Omi beef hamburger

Appetizer, bread or rice, Omi beef hamburger, dessert, bread or rice, drink

2,480yen(tax included)

Omi beef steak

Appetizer, bread or rice, soup, Omi beef steak, dessert, drink

4,280yen(tax included)

Hubei's bounty course

Appetizer, bread or rice, soup, fish dish, main dish, dessert, drink

5,500yen(tax included)


store specializing
in Japanese chestnuts


Be sure to try the gem of Montblanc that you can taste in the quaint store of Kurokabe Square.

Kinshi Montblanc

Freshly squeezed, made after the order is placed Kinshi Montblanc. with pairing drink.

3,000yen(tax included)

Japanese chestnuts and seasonal fruit tart

Delicate Japanese chestnut cream like flower petals on top of a freshly baked warm homemade tart. with pairing drink.

700yen(tax included)

Japanese chestnuts and seasonal fruit parfait

Enjoy seasonal fruits in their tastiest state with Japanese chestnuts. with pairing drink.

2,750yen(tax included)


Dinner menu

18:00-21:00 L.O.20:30

Spend time with your loved ones in a high-quality space where time flows slowly and dishes made with ingredients from Hubei.

Munu Vert

The most popular full course that you can enjoy from appetizers to desserts.

5,500yen(tax included)

Munu Rouge

Full course with pasta. For those who want to enjoy various things little by little.
We used carefully selected Omi beef for the main dish.

8,800yen(tax included)

Chef full course

Perfect for celebrations. A menu that is tailored to your budget and tailored to your tastes and needs by our chef.

11,000yen(tax included)

Omi beef fillet steak course

8,800yen(tax included)



Opening hours 11:00、13:00、15:00
Take-out 11:00-
Regular holiday

Biwako Restaurant ROKU sister store. An extraordinary space with only 6 seats. A dessert course that is finished in front of the customer. Please come and have a moving experience that you can feel with your five senses.



A dessert course that is finished in front of the customer. Please enjoy the dessert that the pastry chef's skill shines.

3,000yen(tax included)


Dip our popular butter sandwich into our special ice cream!

700yen(tax included)


A butter sandwich that looks cute with fresh butter and dried fruits used luxuriously sandwiched between crispy cookie dough.

3pieces:1,200yen(tax included)

6pieces:2,400yen(tax included)


The storefront, which was renovated from a historic townhouse, has a modern Japanese and calm atmosphere.
There are special seats in the second floor Japanese-style room and special seats in the warehouse, so you can spend a wonderful time with your loved ones.

In-store floor plan


(store specializing in Japanese chestnuts)

Number of seats: 13 seats

Regular holiday: Wednesday

Various card payments: Impossible

Restaurant (lunch)

11:00-15:00 L.O.14:00(weekdays)
11:00-16:00 L.O.15:00(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Restaurant (Dinner)

Number of seats: 53 seats

Regular holiday: Wednesday

Various card payments: Possible



Online reservation


11-23 Motohamacho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
About 5 minutes on foot from JR Hokuriku Line "Nagahama Station" (325m)

Biwako Restaurant ROKU

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